HNARC Award – 2023

The club enters its 3rd year and the “HNARC 2023” award has been created. Until the end of 2023, HNARC members will be heard on the bands and downloadable awards can be earned by contacting member stations.

There will be 3 awards available, Gold, Silver and Bronze in two deferent categories.

Category I Award (rules)

GOLD : Contacts on FIVE (5) bands in any mode
SILVER : Contacts on FOUR (4) bands in any mode
BRONZE : Contacts on TWO (2) bands in any mode
Obtain HNARC 2023 Category I Award

Category II Award (rules)

Each QSO counts for one (1) point. Five (5) points are required for the Bronze award, ten (10) points for the Silver award and twenty (20) points for the Gold award. Additional points can be earned with QSOs on other modes and bands. QSOs in the same band/mode are valid for additional points on different days.
Obtain HNARC 2023 Category II Award.

If your QSO does not appear in the log, please contact us not earlier than a week after the QSO has been made.

The HNARC 2023 Award has been created by SV1EJD.

We look forward to taking part in the 2023 International Naval Contest and other events.

HNARC members

Antonis Parashis
HNARC #001